Rolls Royce

$345.95   10-14 Hours

Be prepared for the kitchen sink. You might as well get it in this package. A combination of  the Lambo, Ferrari, Mercedes, Import and Domestic. Throwing in a triple step buff to top it off. Headliner cleaned, strains treated, and fabric protectant added. This one screams over the top with luxury and looks. Your car will never look better. Odor remover used and a fresh scent added in. With the looks you'll get after this one you might think you were in a RR!



$265.95   8-12 Hours

A cut above the rest. This package might be too fast for most. You get all the Ferrari and Mercedes along with a single step buff for the scratches and swirls. Clay bar added into this step which removes all the contaiminates from the vehicle leaving a lustrous shine. This one will leave the others in the dust. This one will be hard to show off with everyone left in the dust only to see your tail lights!



$229.99   6-10 Hours

Not as much horse power as the Lamborghini but just as sexy. You get the luxury of the Mercedes along with a paint protectant or sealant.  The motor will be cleaned, degreased, and protectant added. This is our most popular package. Sporty at the right price. 0-60 mph in no time. Personal preference may be all that separates this and the lambo.



  $165.95   4-6 Hours

A combination of both the import and the domestic make up this luxury package. Throw in the motor cleaned and a protectant added and you have luxury and value.



$84.95   2-3 Hours

 This is our basic mobile wash and wax. The interior will be vacuumed and wiped down. No extra  protection is added inside or outside. Tires will be dressed, windows cleaned and a fresh scent will be added in. This is just a B asic M obile W ash and wax for someone that is in a hurry and on the go.

Domestic (exterior)

$74.95   1-3 Hours

  Bug and tar removal, complete exterior wash and wax with high quality wax. Tires and rims will be cleaned and degreased  All rubber, plastic, vinyl will be cleaned and treated with a protectant that prevents cracking and fading from the harsh UV rays and the harsh MN winter. Tires will be cleaned , Windows, doors sills, and jams will be wiped down.


Import (interior)

$94.95  2-4 Hours

  Vacuumed, stains treated, all paneling, counsel and dash will be cleaned and protectant added including those hard to reach spaces under seats, in the vents, in the cracks and crevices you did not know you had. Carpet shampooed and odor removed  replaced by an inviting fresh scent, Windows, jams, and sills cleaned. Leather cleaned and conditioned when applicable.




* Satisfaction Gaurenteed / times may vary with size and conditions

**mid-sized vehicles add $15.00 and oversized SUV's, vans, trucks, and suburbans added $25.00

***Other companies are charging extra for overly dirty vehicles,excessive bug and tar removal and pet hair. We happen to believe that would be in the price of something I would like to call a professional detail. So there is no extra charge for any mentioned previously.


Services Available



  • vacuum 
  • stain removal
  • carpet dye
  • odor removal
  • scent restorer
  • dash, council, panels cleaned
  • protectant on all interior panels
  • carpet shampoo
  • seats shampooed
  • leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Wash And wax
  • 'bug removal
  • Tar removal
  • 1 step buff
  • 3 step buff
  • clay bar
  • tires and rims
  • engine
  • trunk
  • invisible bug shield
  • truck bed liner
  • scratch repair
  • wet sand
  • windows
  • paint sealant/protection 
  • faded plastic, rubber, restored
  • chrome cleaned and polished










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